About Mara

Mara Johnson-Groh works as a science writer for NASA, writing about new discoveries in space, and freelances for magazines and online publications on a variety of topics from science to travel to the outdoors. She also writes video scripts about everything under the Sun (and even things beyond it) for various science shows. Her work has won recognition and garnered millions of views.

Mara has a strong science background with a Bachelor’s degree in physics and a Master’s in astronomy, where she spent most of her time looking for new galaxies and planets. These days she’s roaming our own planet, capturing earthly beauty through digital photography. She’s based along the Salish Sea, in the traditional homelands of the Coast Salish peoples.

You can browse samples of her work on the Writing page, or view her resume here. Contact Mara through the form below.


About the Name

Arete, in the Greek sense, means a striving for excellence. An arête, in the language of mountains, marks a steep change in either direction — it’s a fine balance at the pinnacle.  My work is dedicated to the exploration and pursuit of that balance and excellence — from understanding the inner workings of our universe through the dedicated work of scientists to distilling the visual complexity of the world around us through photography. Science and beauty are both equations that relates light to dark, that draw parallels between the simple and complex. I hope my work can help make our world, and the paths we travel in it, more understandable.

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